Jac Jacobson Photographics


From an early age drawing 3-D objects in perspective was almost an obsession of mine and the subjects I drew were usually houses and buildings. To develop my understanding of design and how to capture and translate what I saw into other media, I studied architecture at UCLA and later, interior design at Ryerson University in Toronto. When photography was introduced into the program it presented me with a broader creative path and awakened a true passion.

Over the years my photographic experience has been diverse. From studio work to a wide variety of locations and situations – from shooting a thousand feet down a mine shaft to hanging out the open door of a helicopter to photograph helicopters flying in formation. Today, as you can see, my work focuses on architecture – interiors, exteriors and design – as well as marketing and corporate assignments.

I travel frequently on assignment and enjoy overcoming the obstacles that location work presents, but I always look forward to returning to the pleasures of home.

If you are interested in the specifics regarding any image here, my client list or client commentaries about my work, work ethics or references, please contact me – by phone: 416 520 2001 or by email: jac@jacjacobson.com.